Europe’s Policy On Refugees

deutschEurope’s Policy On Refugees
And Its Impact On Hamburg

Film and discussion with David Fedele („The Land Between“) and Wolfgang Grenz (Amnesty International)



The Land Between

Documentary, Australia/Marocco 2014, director: David Fedele, 78 min.,
French with Engl. subtitles

In his documentary Fedele gives an insight into the everyday life of subsaharan refugees in the mountains of Northern Marocco. Here on the outer borders of Europe they are constantly exposed to the violence of spanish and maroccan authorities. They risk their lives looking for a better life. Living conditions beneath human dignity and even deaths are approved eventually by the EU member states.

Australian film director David Fedele, who keeps up his independence by producing and selling his films autonomously, will discuss the EU’s refugee policy with former secretary general of amnesty international in Germany, Wolfgang Grenz.

It’s impacts are felt even in Hamburg. One of the objectives of the discussion will be to find ways for us in Hamburg to bring about change to the situation.

In cooperation with AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, district Hamburg,
and Rosa Luxemburg foundation Hamburg